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Bike Box Hire Easy Bike Box Alan hire and delivery

About Bike Box Alans Delivery

Bike Box Alan bicycle cases are the only safe way to transport your precious bikes, have a box delivered to your door.

Super Strong Plastics, designed to thwart the most irresponsible baggage handlers, with your wheels safely skewered into the box lid and the metal impact post you can rest assured you are hiring the top of the range bike box.

Dimensions - Weight 11KG, Max Height 92 cm, Min Height 75 cm,Length 113 cm, Max Thickness 32 cm,Min Thickness 23 cm, 4 Rolling Castors, 2 Layers of High Density Foam, 4 Steel Toggle Catches, Anti Crush Device.

Super strong velcro strapping will keep your precious bike in position.

The superb design means that Bike Box Alan Bicycle cases will fit in most small hatch backs. Can be secured with cable ties or locks (not supplied).

A short video comparing the strength of a cheap import to the Award Winning Bike Box Alan

Bike Box Alan

Super strong Patented plastics

4 Steel strong locks

Easy to wheel around.

Inside the Bike Box Alan

Patented anti crush bar

fully lockable

Easy to wheel around.

Award Winning Bike box alan

Protect your bike with Bike Box Alans

A very light box at 11kg

Run by enthusiastic club cyclists.

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